Aroostook Beverage Co.

Written by Central on Friday, May 5, 2017


Dear Valued Partners,

We are pleased to announce that beginning May 1, 2017 Central Distributors is the new owner of Aroostook Beverage Co. in Presque Isle, Maine. Central is honored to carry on this business in Aroostook County and will continue to operate Aroostook Beverage as a separate business unit into the foreseeable future. With this addition, Central is able to strengthen its statewide services as the only distributor with a true local presence in Aroostook County. Central strives to continuously improve and grow our customer and supplier relationships, and this acquisition is in line with that commitment.

We are excited to welcome all Aroostook Beverage employees into the Central family – and we look forward to growing together and becoming stronger and more effective companies. We also stand committed to Aroostook Beverage suppliers that we will continue to operate according to and above their standards – and we look forward to partnering with each and every one of them. Finally, we wish the best to Peter and Bette Briggs - we are very grateful to them for this opportunity. It has been a pleasure to work with them to ensure that their legacy of hard work and dedication to the beverage industry will continue into the future.

We look forward to our future with Aroostook Beverage as a strong addition to our family owned business, and expect a smooth transition for all. For any questions, please contact Mike Barriault at Central (207-784-4026) or Bonnie Cowett (Office Manager) and Chuck Dudley (Sales Manager) at Aroostook Beverage Co. (207-769-2081).

Thank you,

Mike Barriault
Central Distributors, Inc.
Aroostook Beverage Co.