Schlitz was the beer that made Milwaukee famous… and put Central Distributors on the map.  We carry this brand still, as well as todays leading brands of beer and ale from Maine, New England, other regions of the United States, and all corners of the world.  Meet our team of beer hounds, and let them introduce you to our world of beer.  They will help you drive profits in your on or off-premise establishment, outfitting you with brands that your customers desire.  Ask us about our draught ...

Beer Portfolio

Central Distributors entered into the wine business in 1970…back when it was almost as simple as choosing between red and white.  We know today how much the industry has changed. Central has grown with the evolution of wine.   Our ever-expanding portfolio offers a wide selection of wines from the world’s most popular regions.  We pride ourselves on carrying an array of varietals from some of the largest suppliers, as well as representing specialty and boutique items ...

Wine Portfolio

Don’t forget about our portfolio of non-alcohol beverages.
Polar Beverages of Worcester, MA provides a flavor for all tastes, as well as an anchor for our non-alcohol offerings. Offerings include a large variety of carbonated soft drinks and seltzers, bottled spring waters, ready-to-drink teas, juice beverages, energy and sports drinks. Central also carries ...

Non-Alcoholic Portfolio

Central carries inventories of other industry products including glassware, glass cleaner, wine racks, other display materials and other beverage and beverage related items.



Other Beverages Portfolio