A New Central Distributors Website

A New Central Distributors Website

Written by Central on Thursday, March 28, 2013

You may notice that we've given our site a bit of a facelift. In addition to general sprucing-up, we've added responsive web design (RWD). This means that you can easily access our web content on just about any device. Browsers are faster than ever, and mobile phones and tablets are in the hands just about all of our customers. So we built a site that will load perfectly for your screen size, be it your smart phone screen, iPad screen or a nice big shiny 27” monitor.

Here at Central Distributors we're pretty serious about our technology. The face of distribution is changing. Logistics and supply chain management is all about technology. Supply chain responsiveness and improving forecast accuracy while also driving for a more flexible and agile delivery network is top of mind. We live in a connected 24/7/365 world.  End-users (our happy customers) want improved collaboration with upstream and downstream suppliers. Our new website is a little thing in the grand scheme of it all. That said, we think that this new mobile optimized site will do just that - help our customers communicate with Central Distributors better in a connected world. That's important!

A big thank you to Glen Halliday and the crew at Dirigo Design & Development, Inc. for the design and coding. These guys did a terrific job!

80th Anniversary / Mission Statement

Written by Central on Thursday, September 18, 2014

In 2009 we celebrated Central’s 75th year in business. Five short years later (in fact, this week) it is our 80th year! What better way to mark our anniversary than to communicate our updated company mission!

We have been crafting this language for almost a year, asking for input, and identifying our core values and long-term objectives. It is now signed and approved by our family principals and board of directors.  The version you see in this blog post highlights key words that were important for us to include in our mission.

Happy 80th Central!

Mike B.                     



To continue the advancement of our successful family business as a leading and valued distributor to all of our partners.


Foster long-term relationships and support retailer profit objectives through continuous improvement to service quality, product knowledge, and fulfillment accuracy.


Provide a safe and healthy work environment, reward teamwork, and offer opportunities for professional and financial growth.


Support, grow, and invest in world-class brands, ensuring they achieve their full potential in all markets throughout the state of Maine.


Be a responsible corporate citizen and support local programs and charities with contributions of time and resources.