Central Distributors entered into the wine business in 1970…back when it was almost as simple as choosing between red and white. We know today how much the industry has changed. Central has grown with the evolution of wine. Our ever-expanding portfolio offers a wide selection of wines from the world’s most popular regions. We pride ourselves on carrying an array of varietals from some of the largest suppliers, as well as representing specialty and boutique items offered by smaller wineries. Central works hard with its suppliers to build strong brands by focusing on the needs of our customers. We have an educated sales team who are enthusiastic about wine. Our sales team is dedicated to working with our customers, providing the best products and reliable service.

  • Central has an ever-expanding portfolio offering wines from all over the world, as well as an extensive selection of glassware.
  • Central has one of the best Bordeaux and Burgundy portfolios in the state.
  • Central works hard to bring wines that over deliver to our customers at great values and competitive prices.
  • Our two sales forces from the wine chain division and fine wine sales team partner with our chain partners, independent retailers, fine wine and cheese shoppes and restaurants servicing the entire state of Maine.

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Featured Wine Brand

90+ Wine

90+Cellars is wine with a pedigree of high ratings from the world’s most respected wineries that you can buy for a fraction of the original cost.

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Vintage Point Wine

"I have been a partner with Central Distributors for nearly 30 years, originally with a large company (Beringer Wine Estates) and now with Vintage Point, where we sell a portfolio of much smaller brands. Central has coverage across the entire state and their team understands that each brand requires a different go to market strategy with a varied channel mix. They have a long history in the state and most important, they pay their bills!"

David Biggar, Managing Director

Vintage Point